The three bedrooms of Casa Magnolia are beautifully decorated, each one with its own unique character. The King Bedroom has a beautiful view of historic Tower Grove Park, while the Queen and Duchess Bedrooms overlook the backyard patio and swimming pool. All three rooms have a private bath and free wireless internet access.

All of our guest rooms are on the second floor.  We encourage guests to chill out in the second floor sitting room and watch tv, read a book, visit with other guests,  and during the winter months warm up by the fireplace.  Guests are also welcome to  lounge in the first floor parlour, take a dip in the pool, or relax on the front porch swing. 

Our Victorian BnB Rooms in St. Louis, MO

The King Room

Named for its massive king-size bed, this room is very spacious, with a writing desk and comfy chairs.  Two large windows give guests a spectacular view of Tower Grove Park.

The Queen Room  is situated at the end of the second floor hall.  Wiith its stunning birds eye mapledoors and trim, and sunny ambience, you can't help but relax  when you sleep in this room!

The Duchess Room with its white walls and Spanish curtains has a unique charm all its own.  The Victorian antique iron bed was handed down from Lillabet's great-great grandmother, Anna, from Russia.